Who may apply for a Program Registration under the Unified TVET Program Registration and Accreditation?

- The Institution must be owned by citizens of the Philippines or or corporation or association with at least 60% of the capital is owned by the Filipinos and the control and administration of the institution is vested in the citizens of the Philippines.

- The primary purpose of the business is the provision of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs.

- The paid-up capitalizationrequirement should be subject to SEC rules and regulations relating to the establishment of the education and training institutions (or non-stock corporation as the case maybe).

Requirements for the application are the ff:

A. Corporate and Administrative Documents

     1. Certified Board Resolutions to offer the program, 2. SEC Registration, 3. Articiles of Incorporation, 4. Certificate of Ownership or Contract of Lease of building (Covering at least 2 years) and 5. Current Fire SAfety Certificate.

B. Curriculum and Program Delivery

C. List of Faculty and Personnel

D. Academic Rules

E. Support Services